The school closures have removed the blindfold from parent's eyes and they can't unsee what they've witnessed or experienced. With schools mostly open across the nation, there are still many things that need reform and or immediate change.


After an arduous year and a half filled with confusion, frustration, hopelessness and anger Open Schools USA sought to ask their communities and affiliated groups where they saw or felt the group should focus on. The majority responded with wanting to fight the various restrictions that children were still experiencing and the indoctrination in schools. Michelle Walker (founder) and Sarah Ronchak (founding member/admin) started to discuss the various issues in the numerous states. As state chapter presidents for their states for No Left Turn in Education and knowing the various organizations that were born during the closures; they both knew that everyone was working towards the same or similar goals and still not having luck. Sarah suggested a “pledge to unenroll” to Michelle and the two began to discuss what that might look like and next thing they knew, they had formed a plan for parents to Strike and Take Back Education.

Michelle and Sarah have been planning, coordinating and strategizing since 2020 with other students, parents and parent lead groups from across the country, all in the name of Opening Schools for every child, full time. On the journey, they’ve learned and seen much more than anticipated, including the deterioration of trust between public education and families. As time progressed and re-opening didn’t, families and educators grew increasingly frustrated and resentful; resulting in a growing number of families wanting to withdraw from public education.

To date, the biggest deterrent is a lack of representation that is explicitly for children and families in the decision-making process that determines their education.  Teachers have solid representation with local/state/federal labor unions, to ensure that their working conditions are amenable, their wages are fair, that they receive benefits, liability coverage etc. Schools and districts have the school boards to consider their needs; however, it’s unreasonable and illogical to expect a board to adequately represent all stakeholders, which has been witnessed thus far. To restore balance throughout public education nationwide, families must have the right to an equal seat at the proverbial tables that make decisions on behalf of children. The longer children are without such, the longer the distrust will continue and the more families that will leave public education.

America Unites for Children is calling to action for parents to go on strike by withdrawing their children from public education. The only way to have the needs of children met, for public officials and the state to hear families and to make positive changes for children and their futures is to take a stand as a united people for children’s rights. It’s the right thing for the nation’s youth. Once families unenroll en masse, the groups and organizations can pivot their efforts to legislative action for school choice and a federal parent association with state and local associations. Below are some of the items that need to be addressed before parents will consider returning to public education.

1. Masks not required inside or outside but optional for all students.

2. Vaccines optional for all students, clinics are only operational outside of school hours, removal of all advertising of the vaccination and the immediate stop to coercion methods, advertising, tactics etc.

3. No social distance, cohort, or quarantine policies.

4. To be continued…..

If you are interested in promoting the strike and taking the lead for your state, please contact OSUSA immediately. OSUSA has already begun the call to action in the following states: OR, MN, NJ, NC, WA and MD, OSUSA will also be providing resources as they become available to help parents with finding consolidated information, tools, resources and micro-schools and co-ops.  


Want to lead the strike in your area or join those in your area?! Fill out the form below and  we will connect you with the appropriate people in your area or help you launch your strike in your area! Just be ready to hit the ground running! 

States moving to strike: OR, MN, NJ, MD, NC, & WA.

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