United for Children, Open  Schools USA is a national grassroot coalition of parents, students, teachers, state groups and community members that advocate for a full return to in-person learning for all grades K-12. We advocate for children's rights to a free and equitable education, better learning environments and demand that curriculums are decided by educators and parents, not special interest groups.
Parents are taking back controls of children's education and vow to never forfeit or relinquish such ever again. Open Schools USA will continue to fight until no child is left online.



A Little About Us!

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Melanie is a 13 year old student who has stood up for her rights, her education and has been a loud voice for all of the voices unheard of her peers. She passionately advocates for her peers and her own mental health issues from isolation, their education and their freedoms. She lives in Vancouver, WA with her mother and brother and she dreams of becoming the first female president of the United States of America.

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Megan is the mother of Melanie and her son Hayden. She stands up for her daughter and all children's mental health issues as a result from school closures. She works hard and supportively to help her daughter's mission to change the world and open schools. As a mother, she cannot tolerate her children's anguish and depression from the closures and will stop at nothing until the doors open.

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Michelle met Melanie and Megan at a protest she hosted in Portland, OR in December 2020. Michelle's life was saved by public education as a foster child. She fights for her daughter, all children and is driven and passionate by and about the children in foster care or abusive homes and hopes to help them get back to their safe place until help arrives. She works tirelessly at thinking of creative ways to raise awareness and network with new people to join the cause.

The three are a troublesome yet tenacious trio that will stop at nothing to achieve opened schools across the nation. Children come first and Melanie, Megan and Michelle will not stop until every school door that was slammed in children's faces have been opened.


Available for Download


The zip file contains a banner and yard sign for your use to support our cause to fight for children's rights! We understand that not everyone can protest and rally, but most anybody can get a yard sign printed or put up a paper banner to show your support and solidarity with the rest of the children who have been left behind. We outweighed the option to either order direct and have shipped or offer the download to have printed locally to you by your choice of printer. It was less expensive and time consuming for you to download the file and take to your local print shop. Please contact Michelle immediately if you'd prefer to order the sign and have shipped.



We are gathering the troops, planning events, and moving forward with marching on DC for children's rights! The event will take a considerable amount of funds, anything helps!