We are a group of Americans from across nation who are committed to public education and believe children should have access to safe, in-person instruction. We believe that our future generations deserve their rights to a free appropriate public education as is required by federal laws. We believe in following the science and data on COVID-19 transmission within schools and our communities. We believe it comes to children's lives and their overall health, we should not only be concerned about the health and safety of the adults and children in the school settings but rather consider all of the various elements that contribute to the health of our children. Elements such as: 

  • Community spread and spread within the schools. 

  • Any potential changes to how badly or often the virus will infect children. 

  • Mental, social and mental health. 

  • Home environment issues such as child or domestic abuse.

  • Homelessness 

  • Starvation 

  • Academic regression/losses 

  • Access to internet or virtual learning 

  • and more. 

Based on studies conducted in various countries, the consensus by public health experts and medical and mental health professionals is that schools can be safely reopened with measures in place to mitigate the spread of the virus. Schools across the United States and Europe were open for in-person education throughout Fall 2020, and very few outbreaks were reported. Children attending private schools across the nation, including the children of our elected leaders, union presidents and teachers - all of whom have stated that schools aren't safe to return to. This is an inequity. This is not within the lines of equitable. This does not address the needs of the millions of children, still learning virtually or hybrid.  We can't sit by any longer while the nation passes children being left behind and abandoned by it's country. We will continue to rise up and


  • School is an essential and fundamental right for each child, no matter where they live. No matter how much their parents make. Regardless of their gender, disabilities, race, age, sexual orientation. Learning does not discriminate. 

  • School closures are having a devastating effect on students’ learning, mental health, physical health, and social and emotional health. 

  • Available data shows that schools can reopen safely for students AND teachers.

  • School closures are disproportionately impacting marginalized children, including those with disabilities, English-language learners, and Black and Latino children, who make up a large percentage of students in underfunded urban districts.

We urge our state and federal leaders take a step back and remind themselves that these are children being FORCED to shoulder the burden of every scared adult in our nation. We urge our leaders to put an end to this madness and put children first, as it should always be. We DEMAND a change. We DEMAND the children's rights be acknowledged, respected and for action to be taken. 


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