Oregon Fight Back Coalition

Oregon Coalition Press Release

After Governor Brown's announcement at the end of July 2021, stating that she was mandating masks on students K-12 again, Oregon group and organization leaders came together and formed a coalition to strategize together as a collective force for the betterment of children's well being and education. As they continue to grow and strategize, they are always seeking new members to join the ranks and help rebuild Oregon better. 

Oregon Coalition Press Release


Open Schools USA and Oregon's Coalition of Parent Advocates are teaming together to bring resources and tools to help parents

Get Louder

State officials and others across the nation have stated that the best way to make an impact in Oregon is get a little louder. 


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Join the coalition

Want to join the coalition of parents and group leaders in Oregon in the fight against the tyranny, child abuse and total government overreach? Sign Up Here! 

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